What does a wedding DJ do?

what does a wedding dj do?

What does a wedding DJ do?

Some people just want to book a wedding DJ from the first dance.

But, it’s usually best to book your DJ for the entire wedding reception.

Otherwise, you could miss out on the bridal party entrance, wireless microphone for MC and speeches, music during meals, cake cutting music and other key moments.

Plus, most venues don’t have sufficient in-house speakers for these key moments.

It also doesn’t look great if your wedding DJ arrives during the wedding reception to set up.

We’ve listed the key moments from the ceremony to the end of the reception. And what your DJ can do for you.

Hope this helps!

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Wedding DJ Key Tasks

Most of our clients book us for the ceremony, canapes and reception.

This is usually about 8 hours.


  • Background music while guests arrive.
  • Wireless microphone for celebrant or pastor.
  • Walking down the aisle.
    • Music: Usually something slow. At least 3:30 in length. You don’t want to rush. Some people pick a different song for the bridesmaids.
  • Signing marriage documents.
    • Music: 2-3 songs. It’s usually background music.
  • Leaving the aisle.
    • Music: We suggest you pick something upbeat and fun!

Canapes and Drinks:

Background music for guests.

We usually set up a portable speaker and put on a playlist.

The music is set at a volume so people can chit chat. But it adds a really good vibe.

Your DJ will set up for the reception during this time.


  • Music while guests arrive.
  • Wireless microphone for the MC.
  • Bridal party entrance.
    • Music: The bridal party usually enter in pairs (e.g. 1 groomsman and 1 bridesmaid). You can pick a song for each pair. Or you can pick 1 song for the entire bridal party entrance. Either way, we suggest you choose music that’s upbeat and fun.
  • Music during meals. This is usually background music. Most people will want to have a chat. As the night moves on, your DJ might play some dance music. It depends on the vibe.
  • Wireless microphone for speeches.
  • Cake cutting.
    • Music: Something light and fun. It’s usually background music. Your MC will probably be on the microphone. So we don’t usually play this music very loud.
  • First dance.
    • Music: Most people pick a slow song that’s special to them. This is usually a very important moment of the wedding reception.
  • Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance.
    • Music: Some people skip this. But it can be a really special moment for you and your parents.
  • …this is usually when it really kicks off!
  • Bouquet and Garter Toss.
    • Music: Upbeat and fun! RnB works great. Or 80’s rock for the Garter Toss.
  • Farewell.
    • Music: Upbeat and fun!

Wedding MC Key Tasks

Need a reliable MC? We’ve got you covered.

Your DJ will also be your MC.

They will provide various services to help your wedding reception run smoothly.


  • Making relevant announcements throughout the night. For example the bridal party entrance, the welcome speech, the cake cutting, first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss and farewell.
  • Directing the speeches.
  • Timekeeping.
  • Working with your other crew members to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Coordinating with the venue staff and kitchen.

Wedding timeline template

Trying to sort out your wedding day schedule?

Check out this template.

Starting from the ceremony.

Hope it helps!

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