How Much Does A Wedding DJ Cost in Australia?

how much does a wedding dj cost in Australia?

What is the average cost of a wedding DJ in Australia?

Most wedding DJs charge between $1500 to $3000 for a 5-hour wedding reception in Australia.

This should include lights, speakers, DJ table, song requests, a wireless microphone, a professional DJ and set up/pack down. You should also expect a travel fee if your event is more than a 60 minute drive from the nearest major town or city.

Anything below this price is considered ‘budget’. These DJs are often “always available”, have inconsistent reviews and cheap equipment.

Many high-quality wedding DJs are now charging around $2000 to $3500. This can reach upwards of $5000. Clients are usually attracted to their online presence, word-of-mouth recommendations, live mixes, videos and Google reviews.

Either way, there is no fixed fee for a wedding DJ.

Things to consider

Always check for hidden fees (e.g. GST and travel).

Supply and demand will influence the price. So, if your DJ is incredibly popular, expect to pay more.

Many events are located outside of the main cities. So you might have to pay a travel fee.

The more expensive DJs usually offer more online content (e.g. live mixes, videos, photos, Google reviews, etc). This offers peace of mind. It can be quite nerve-racking if your DJ doesn’t have any suitable online content. What do they sound like? What do they look like? What type of equipment do they have?

It takes many years of experience to become a great wedding DJ and MC. This should be priced accordingly. Once a DJ is booked, they cannot offer their services elsewhere.

Disclaimer: These prices do not apply to Advantage DJs. Our prices reflect the high level of service that we provide. Please check our availability here.

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How much do DJs cost per hour? (Wedding DJ Cost)

$200 to $300 per hour is the standard hourly rate for a freelance DJ in Australia. But, this can vary depending on experience, skills and availability.

Be careful when hiring a freelance DJ. If they cancel, who will replace them?

Here at Advantage DJs, we have a number of DJs. So if one of them can’t do the gig, we usually have a plan B.

How much does a wedding MC cost?

The average cost of a wedding MC in Australia typically ranges between $500 to $1500.

Expect to pay more if they are in high demand.

You can save money by hiring your DJ or celebrant as your MC.

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