Wedding DJ Cost: The Tragic Story Of Dodgy Dave Young (Events by Koda)

Wedding DJ Cost

David Young from ‘Events by Koda’ has finally ‘faced the music’.

He was exposed on National TV by A Current Affair.

What for?

David Young was the owner of the infamous ‘Events by Koda.

He vowed to provide a ‘five-star service with DJ and MC hire, lights, flower walls and mirror photo booths.’

All at a rock bottom discount price.

But an investigation by NSW Fair Trading has revealed Dave accepted up-front payments for several bookings, cancelled days before the event, and spent months refusing to refund his customers.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If his online reviews are accurate, plenty of other people fell prey to Dodgy Dave.

Too many to count.

It’s a shame. But, karma came when Dave was confronted by A Current Affair.


Events by Koda (Dodgy David Young) A Current Affairs News 9

Events by Koda (Dodgy David Young) A Current Affairs News 9

Posted by Happy Hire Productions on Wednesday, 30 May 2018

According to online reviews, some clients were owed up to $1850.

Dodgy Dave also failed to pay many of his DJs.

He developed a reputation in the industry for avoiding responsibility, ignoring people and making excuses.

The True Cost of Hiring A Cheap DJ

Source: A Current Affair

Based on our research, it appears that Events by Koda is ‘dead and buried’. David Young is also known for changing his name. So, we’re unsure what he’s doing now.

Regardless, this video is an unfortunate reminder of the real cost of hiring a wedding DJ.

Shopping for the cheapest DJ can have unfortunate consequences. Hopefully, you won’t have the same experience that the victims of Dodgy Dave had.

A Current Affair said everyone featured in their story was paid back. But, many other victims were not featured in the video.

A private source advised us that Dave declared bankruptcy. If this is true, it’s unlikely that he’s paid back all his debts.

Average Cost of A Wedding DJ in Australia

Average Cost of A Wedding DJ in Australia

Most wedding DJs charge between $750 to $1200 for a 5-hour wedding reception in Australia.

This should include lights, speakers, DJ table, song requests, a professional DJ and set up/pack down.

Anything below this price is considered ‘budget’. Proceed with caution.

For example, Airtasker and Gumtree are popular platforms for finding cheap DJs. Expect to secure a wedding DJ for $500 (or less).

According to our sources, some DJs charge up to $2500. (Hero DJs). While others put the top price at $3000 (Party DJ Hire Sydney)

Either way, there is no fixed fee for a wedding DJ. That’s why you should always look at what’s included in the package (and what’s not).

Also, remember that prices work on supply and demand. So, if your DJ is incredibly popular, expect to pay more.

How much do DJs cost per hour?

How much do DJs cost per hour

$80 per hour is the standard hourly rate for a freelance DJ in Australia. But, this can vary depending on experience, skills and availability.

Also, consider that hiring a DJ business can cost more than $80 per hour. But you’ll enjoy the conveniences of an established business.

Including replacement DJs in case your DJ gets sick, insurance, reputation, client reviews, etc.

How much does a DJ cost for 5 hours?

As mentioned earlier, most DJs charge between $750 to $1200 for a 5-hour performance. But this can vary depending on the type of gig, experience, skill, demand, experience, etc.

Prices can dip below $400. But be careful.

How much does a wedding cost in Australia?

Check out this helpful graphic by Nova DJs:

Source: Nova DJs

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