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DJ Mixes

Playlist examples

Here’s a sampler! But we work with every client to develop a customised playlist.

Once you’ve paid your deposit, you’ll receive the Party Starter! 

It’s a fun little questionnaire. This is how you pick your tunes.

We suggest picking about 20 songs for dancing. Leave the rest for us. We’ll also take song requests from your guests (yes, we’ll filter out the sh*t ones!). This approach tends to work best. We don’t recommend preselecting EVERY song that must be played on the night.

Look, pretty much everything. 

During meals, we’ll play some funky background tunes. Maybe a few singalongs. For dancing, it’s all about getting people on the floor, and keeping them there. So we tend to play fun, upbeat stuff that most people know. But we try to avoid super cheesy wedding songs (e.g. Nutbush…*shudder*).

Don’t worry, we’re not “Spotify DJs”. We use premium DJ software and equipment.

These playlists are just here to make it easy for you.

If you don’t like the playlists on this page, send through your own playlist. We’re very flexible!

But we’re not too keen on being a jukebox. If you just want the Nutbush, Macarena, Dancing Queen, Chicken Dance, etc….maybe we’re not the best fit.

We’re looking for people who love music. 

Yep! That’s totally fine. Our packages all include song requests.

We pretty much only do private events. But you should definitely suss our socials. Instagram and TikTok are pretty fun.