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We play all types of music! RnB, Pop, Rock, Country, Top 40, Hip Hop, House and more. You can also make unlimited song requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Pretty much everything.

A typical night might include…

50’s to now; slow to fast; rock to rnb; and everything in between.

Song selection is crucial.

These playlists are provided on Spotify. But we don’t use Spotify very often. We’ve added these songs to Spotify for your convenience.

If you don’t like the playlists on this page, send through your own playlist. We’re very flexible!

Yep! Our packages all include unlimited song requests.

Check out ‘Highlights’ on our Instagram page. It’s the best place to see live footage from our events.

Best Wedding Reception Songs (Dance/Party)

Upbeat, RnB, classic rock, singalongs and more.

Canapes, Entrees and Dinner

It’s a blend of classic rock, reggae, Triple J and a few hidden gems. This formula works like a treat. If you don’t like it, send through your own playlist. We’re very flexible!


Country Floor Fillers


RnB Fridays

Before and After the Ceremony

Live DJ Sets

Can we beat mix? Are our transitions smooth? Find out by listening to these tasty mixes.