Listen to live DJ mixes, check out playlists and find out what type of music we play.


Crowd Favourites

What type of music do we play at functions? Pretty much everything. That means we have to go from 50’s to now; slow to fast; rock to rnb; and everything in between. The most important thing you need to see is song selection. 

We’ve added a bunch of classic floor filling bangers onto a Spotify playlist. Don’t worry, we’re not ‘button pushers’.

Why’ve we used Spotify? Because you probably don’t have access to our fancy DJ software!

See Us Live

Check out ‘Highlights’ on our Instagram page. It’s the best place to see live footage from our events.

Canapés, Entrees and Dinner

It’s a blend of classic rock, reggae, Triple J and a few hidden gems. This formula works like a treat.

Electronic/Top 50/Sunday Sesh/House

Can we beat mix? Are our transitions smooth? Find out by listening to these tasty mixes.

Live Music

Nick can provide live music and DJ music.