Music selection, discounts, what to expect, deposit, how to book and much more. Find the answers here.

Common Questions

10 reasons:

  1. Less time spent organising stuff, asking for favours and following up with people.
  2. Peace of mind.
  3. Great sound quality.
  4. Huge library of music for song requests.
  5. Reliability.
  6. Better vibes.
  7. Less stress.
  8. Technical expertise.
  9. You’ll be able to hear the speeches (wireless mic).
  10. Our DJs are also better at picking the best songs to keep the dance floor pumping.


Background music while guests arrive.

Wireless microphone for celebrant or pastor.

Walking down the aisle.

Signing marriage documents.

Leaving the aisle.

Canapes and Drinks:

Background music for guests.


Music while guests arrive.

Bridal party entrance.

Wireless microphone for the MC.

Music during meals.

Wireless microphone for speeches.

Cake cutting.

First dance.

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance.

…this is usually when it really kicks off!

Bouquet and Garter Toss.



More info here.


Your DJ will provide a speaker and use a Spotify playlist. During this time, they will complete their setup for the reception.

We’ll send you a questionnaire after you’ve paid the deposit.

No. Your DJ will supply the actual music. You just need to write down your song requests in the questionnaire. 

But, some people might request songs that are not easily accessible (e.g. traditional music from their home country). In which case, we ask that you supply the music on a USB stick on the night. Or send us a download link before your event (e.g. dropbox).

Our preference is a download link. Not a USB stick. That’s because some modern computers don’t have a USB input. A download link is also usually safer (e.g. less likely to contain malware).

Also, if you have created your own mix, for example, your first dance, please send the song file to us before your event.

Sure! But most of our clients just leave it up to us. You’re welcome to provide us with a ‘guide’ and we will do the rest.

Special song requests that most people select themselves:
Walking down the aisle
Signing the register (2-3 songs)
Leaving the aisle
Wedding party entrance to reception
Cake cutting
Father daughter / mother son dance
First dance
Bouquet & Garter toss

Yes. This is included in all our packages.

Sure thing! We’ve worked with solo acoustic artists and bands. Even a saxophonist! We’ll ask you for their contact info. Leave the rest up to us. We’ll have a chat with them to ensure everything flows.

A professional DJ for the duration of your ceremony

Premium portable PA system + speaker stand

Wireless microphone for your celebrant/minister

Music before your guests arrive

Song requests (e.g. walking down the aisle, signing the register & leaving the aisle)

We do a lot of work behind the scenes so that our clients can focus on enjoying their wedding day


Key message: ceremony, canapés, reception & MC services = total peace of mind.


See our packages if you want to proceed!

Absolutely. We encourage you to create a Spotify playlist with your song suggestions. Or you can supply the music to your DJ on the night on a USB stick. This will ensure you hear the songs that are most special to you and your guests.

Discounts and Pricing


This is included in our overall pricing

e.g. 5.5 hours starts when your reception begins.

But, travel costs may apply depending on the location of your event. Contact us for more info.

We would love to give you a discount but our rates are fixed. This allows us to consistently book the best djs and retain our high level of customer satisfaction.

We would love to give you a discount but our rates are fixed. This allows us to consistently book the best djs and retain our high level of customer satisfaction.

The quick answer is: no


Most clients need a DJ for 5 to 5.5 hours

We receive multiple enquiries for the same date. So, if we provide a cheaper rate for a shorter gig, we’ll probably have to turn down someone else who needs us for the standard 5 to 5.5 hours.

Also, it generally looks much better if your DJ is set up and ready to go before the guests arrive. This also means you’ll have access to a wireless mic, introduction/entrance music & background music during meals.

We prefer not to customise our packages.

That’s because they’re designed to suit the majority of clients

Take a closer look at our packages and you’ll see that our packages are actually very versatile and accommodating.


30-60 minutes before the ceremony (if booked)

60-90 minutes before the reception

We’ll email your venue on the week of your event.

Usually not. Please check though.


But, we’re happy to recommend OMG Booths

Tell them we sent you!

Unfortunately not.

A word of advice –

If your event is close to an equipment hire shop, you might save some money.

Otherwise, the effort and travel time might not be worth the hassle. e.g. organising the order, picking it up, setting it up, figuring out any technical issues, packing it up, dropping it off, etc. You’ll also be liable for any damage caused.

All of our djs are very healthy and reliable. We are well connected in the dj scene and a backup plan is in place for every wedding.

We have found that most of our clients get all the information they need via email and phone. It saves them a lot of time too!

We provide services from the ceremony to reception
This is an overview of the key moments during this time
Guests arrive at wedding reception. Bridal party entrance
Cake cutting
First dance
Bouquet & garter toss more dancing
Farewell bride and groom
Yes. Please ensure you have finalised your services before you make your final payment.
I will allow some flexibility here. It’s just easier for everyone if you finalise your services and account together. Otherwise, we will have to make adjustments to your invoice.
For example, you can lock us in for the wedding reception and add extra time later. We don’t expect you to have all the answers when you book us. Most clients book us more than 18 months in advance.

Request an invoice and pay your deposit. Then you’ll receive a questionnaire. This is how you pick your songs.

Here’s a few reasons why this could be a bad idea:

  • Reliable audio equipment is expensive. Chances are your speakers will not cope with a group of 20+ people who want to dance and have a good time. It will distort, crackle, cut out and sound terrible. You might even break it.
  • Your guests will change the songs every 20 seconds.
  • Our DJs can read a room and take requests. See our reviews. 
  • Most venues don’t have a good microphone and in-house PA system. We supply a crystal-clear wireless mic to all our clients.