Coronavirus / Covid-19 Update

coronavirus covid-19 update
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Table of Contents

Update 27/3/20

This situation is changing rapidly

Since our last post, further restrictions have been enforced.

Key points:

  • You can postpone your wedding date
  • No fees apply
  • Please provide at least 3 new dates
  • Consider choosing weekdays
  • Saturdays and Fridays are very busy
  • September, October and March are very busy
  • The process will be easier if you choose a new date that is not in high demand
  • Please also consider that our DJs are currently experiencing financial distress. So, if you choose a popular date that we can’t do, they will not be paid. Many of our DJs are applying for the job seeker payment and have never been on Centrelink before.
  • Our DJs adhere to the guidelines provided by the Department of Health
  • We’re encouraging all NEW clients to book their wedding date 12 months ahead, if not further.
  • Can we cancel our booking? Yes, but you may not receive a refund. Our invoices clearly explain that the deposit and final payment are non-refundable. So far, no one has asked to cancel their booking. We’re dealing with each client on a case by case basis. In accordance with Australian consumer law. Thanks for your understanding.

Update 20/3/20

Hi, it’s Brendan here.

I can only imagine how much stress you’re going through right now.

While my business will undoubtedly struggle for the next few months, my #1 concern is the well-being of everyone else.

That’s why I want my clients to understand that it’s OKAY to postpone their event date.

All I ask is that you provide a few dates for me to choose from.

Several clients have already been in touch. And I’ve worked closely with them to arrange a new date for their event.

So far, Fridays have been easier to accommodate than Saturdays. But I’m very happy to consider all options. And yes, mid-week is also fine. In fact, it’s ideal.

If your event is going ahead, that’s also fine.

The well-being of my DJs is incredibly important. And I’d like to provide them as many gigs as possible. Especially since many of them have already suffered financially.

They will be adhering to the guidelines set by the department of health. To protect themselves and others.

We will do everything possible to reduce the spread of this terrible virus.

I want to thank those who have contacted me so far. You’ve been very patient, kind and understanding.

Please stay safe and don’t hesitate to give me a call

Advantage DJs (manager)

p.s. If you need a roll of Kleenex TP, let me know. My bathroom flooded the other day after a flexi hose exploded, destroying 2 rolls. But I’ve still got a few left!

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