Limited bookings available for 2020 and 2021

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Policy

coronavirus covid-19 update
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Table of Contents

Terms and Conditions

Key points

  • You can postpone your wedding date
  • It’s your obligation to give us a reasonable chance to reschedule your event. Otherwise, we might choose to terminate our agreement and not refund your payments.
  • Please provide at least 3 new dates
  • Consider choosing weekdays
  • Saturdays and Fridays are very busy
  • Please also consider that our DJs are currently experiencing financial distress. So, if you choose a popular date that we can’t do, they will not be paid. Many of our DJs are receiving welfare payments.
  • Our DJs adhere to the guidelines provided by the Department of Health
  • We’re encouraging all NEW clients to book their wedding date 12 months ahead, if not further.
  • Can we cancel our booking? Yes, but you may not receive a refund. We’re dealing with each client in accordance with Australian consumer law. Thanks for your understanding.

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